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Vital Records Index
The Vital Records Index is a searchable database of birth, marriage and death items printed in the Wheaton, Illinois newspapers beginning in 1885. Started in June 1999, newspapers are read and transcribed at Wheaton Public Library by a group of dedicated volunteers. Our ongoing thanks to these people.

Short items are identified as announcements and very often will appear in entirety in the note area. A medium length item is called a notice, while a lengthy item is described as an article. Notices and articles will not appear in full in the index. The note area for these items contains an abstract of the item.

The spelling of names is as they appear in the newspapers. Items appearing more than once in the same issue or in more than one issue of newspaper are included. Searching for surnames using a Soundex code compensates for alternate and wrong spellings of surnames, as well as capturing all entries in the index for a particular code.

This is a project in progress.

Description of a Record
Name refers to the primary person in the newspaper item, such as the person who died, person who was born or the groom. Brides' names appear in area called Add'l name.

Event is a birth, death or marriage.

Place&date refers to where and when the event occurred.

Source is the title, date of issue and page number of the newspaper that reported the event.

Length refers to the amount of information included in the newspaper item. Announcements are short items, notices are medium length items and articles are lengthy items.

Note is the area where the text of the announcement, notice or article appears. Often, the entire announcement will appear here, while only abstracts of notices and articles appear. For the complete text of a notice or article, refer to the microfilm.

Add'l name are other name(s) mentioned in the newspaper item. These include brides, relatives, friends and ministers. Addl name(s) are searchable.

Place refers to geographic locations where births, marriages and deaths occurred. The first place listed in the record includes the event, state and city where the event occurred. Other places are listed if they are mentioned in the news item and notes. For example, a couple who marries in Chicago may be from Wheaton. In that case, Wheaton (Ill.) will be listed as a place. All places are searchable.

Soundex refers to the code assigned to a surname. All names mentioned in the record are assigned a soundex code. The codes are searchable.

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Vital Records Index
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Indexed Jan. 2, 1885
through Sep. 6, 1889
as of 1/18/10

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